Dan Williams, Location Manager

The guys at Cinemats do a great job. I especially like their grass protection mats. They help get the most out of a location.

Albert Epps, Location Manager

I've been working as a union location manager for the past 20 years in the film industry, from smaller commercial jobs to larger TV shows. Cinemats has provided excellent protection service for the past decade, saving me time and eventually the company money for accidental damages that were avoided. Thank you for having my interest in mind.

Lucas Nalepinski, Location Manager

"Cinemats has been one of my most trusted vendors for many years.  Their expert team is always professional and takes special care in protecting our locations."

John Lowe, Location Manager

Cinemats is my "Go To" when I am in need of Grass Mats / Layout. Always on time and all of their crew are friendly and willing to help. Great Company!

Kevin Clark, Producer

"When I shoot on location there is always the chance of damage. The guys at Cinemats know how to minimize the risk. They protect my interest and for me that is invaluable."